Master Key Experience Week 5 – Thoughts and Opinions

This is the week of no opinions and I had no idea just how challenging this task was going to be! As the week has played out, I find myself interjecting my opinion less and less but It was definitely a challenge for me! One thing that really has helped me over the week is the new addition to “the sit”. As Hannell said, at first I found my mind wondering to everything except where it was supposed to be. One thing it certainly helped me with was control. I now find myself blocking out more and more time. A few weeks ago I struggled with the full 15 minutes but now I am finding I not only am able to control my mind and body for 15 minutes but I enjoy the sit and take every opportunity I can to just let go and relax.

Looking forward, I am really excited to turn to the next scroll of “The Greatest Salesman” and live with it for 30 days. I have never been one to read anything with a high level of retention and commonly found myself going back over the page I just read. I always attributed this to the fact that I just don’t enjoy reading as others do. Looking back, Scroll 1 has really created a new habit within me. It truly is one of natures rules that only another habit can subdue habit.

2 thoughts on “Master Key Experience Week 5 – Thoughts and Opinions

  1. Hi, Brandon! Since the world within controls the world without is the rule of the land, I think you’ll find having no opinions and “the sit” go hand-in-hand. 🙂


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